Koha Library Software

Koha is the world’s most installed library management system.

Koha is free and open source, flexible, and easy-to-use. The continuous improvement of  Koha is driven by the worldwide collective experience of hundreds of software developers and thousands of librarians.


With Koha, you are assured of a library management system that is modern, flexible and future proof for libraries of all types and sizes.

  • fully-featured modern library software platform
  • flexible integration options
  • access to a global community of librarians, alongside with Catalyst support
  • library staff and members can access their library securely, anywhere they go
  • no vendor lock-in or licensing fees

Libraries supported by Catalyst will always retain autonomy over the storage and use of their data.


Our services

Catalyst supports libraries by becoming an extension to the library team. We work together with you, your IT department and any 3rd party vendors, to complement the library experience for both members and library staff.

Consultancy, business requirements analysis and solution design

Visual design and development services

Training for librarians and technical staff

Migration, managed hosting and support

Please feel free to ask us about open source options for any other technologies your organisation needs support with.

Koha with Catalyst support

Our team of dedicated library software experts will support your library by:

  • Ensuring privacy and data soverignty issues are addressed
  • Being available as a flexible resource to supplement your team
  • Delivering results quickly and accurately when our help is needed
  • Taking care of software and security concerns, so your team can focus on service delivery.


The Catalyst Koha team offer a wealth of experience, expertise, and support. We are present in the Koha global community as active participants and developers, alongside the libraries we support.


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